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Remember, the new album Midnight Memories is OUT NOW! So if you haven't already, make sure you get yourself a copy right now!


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#Vote1D4BRITAwards reason no.3 - because Zayn dressed up as a girl (and looks ridiculously good!) 1DHQ x

#Vote1D4BRITAwards reason no.2 - because what other band will ‘shimmy’ in time quite like this? (no, there’s no one else) 1DHQ x

#Vote1D4BRITAwards reason no.1 - because you guys made this a  MASSIVE success 1DHQ x

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Their faces omg lol 

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That’s it! Your last pair of Midnight Memories GIF’s are here - and that means there’s just 4 hours until the FULL LENGTH video goes live on Vevo 1DHQ x


SURPRISE! Here’s an exclusive GIF from the Midnight Memories video for you all to enjoy! The video is out 31.1.2013 at 16:00 GMT…Enjoy x

Here’s your penultimate pair of ‘Midnight Memories’ music video GIF’s this week! Now who’s excited for the real deal? Not long to wait guys … ;) 1DHQ x

Here’s your mid-week #MidnightMemoriesVideoGIF’s - number FOUR! Happy Wednesday! 1DHQ x

Here’s your THIRD exclusive pair of GIF’s for the Midnight Memories music video! 1DHQ x

#MidnightMemoriesVideoGIF - here’s our SECOND sneak peek of the #MidnightMemories music video … Enjoy! 1DHQ x

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